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Directorate of Corporate Communications

Directorate of Corporate Communications

Col Paul Njuguna ‘ndu’ (USA)

Col Paul Njuguna ‘ndu’ (USA)

Director Corporate Communications

Directorate Summary

National Defence University-Kenya’s Directorate of Corporate Communications is established in the office of the Vice-Chancellor, pursuant to NDU-K Statute XX, under the leadership of a Director Corporate Communication (DCC). 

Fundamental Statements


An authority in defence-centric strategic communication, elevating the NDU-K global influence and fostering engagement through innovative, purposeful, and inclusive communication strategies.


To strategically amplify NDU-K’s leadership in defence education, research, and national security and strategy imperatives through transparent, stakeholder-centric communication approaches, fostering collaboration, and advocating the university's societal contributions and impact.


The mandate of the Directorate of Corporate Communication is to strategically position NDU-K as a national, regional and global leader in defense education, research, and national security and strategy through effective, transparent, and purpose-driven communication initiatives. It seeks to foster engagement, collaboration, and trust among internal and external stakeholders while showcasing the institution's contributions to defense innovation, knowledge, and leadership.