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About NDU-K

About the National Defence University-Kenya

NDU-K was established under Section 24 of the Universities Education Act, 2012 on 27 May 2021. The University offers specialized certificates, diplomas and degrees in areas related to Defence and security, as well as other dimensions of security. The University is based at Lanet, Nakuru County.


A centre of excellence in training, education and research in national security and strategy.


To empower defence and security professionals through world-class education and training in order to enhance capacity in safeguarding national interest.


To contribute to education and training, research, leadership development and practice in national security and strategy for the transformation of Kenya.


The values are: academic freedom, honesty, diversity, discipline, integrity, and responsibility.


NDU-K is committed to providing high quality education that offers intellectual, social, cultural and economic benefits through professional training, ducation, research, innovation, publishing and community service.

NDU-K Colleges
Academic Staff

GUIDING PRINCIPLES The university upholds the following principles in executing its mandate;

Academic freedom – The university promotes an environment for faculty staff and students to teach, research and share knowledge in their areas of expertise in an open and free manner.

Honesty – NDU fosters integrity in all its endeavors in order to preserve the trust, and quality of service and education offered by the institution.

Diversity – NDU does not discriminate against any race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, age, and political and religious belief while delivering service to the public.

Discipline – The university upholds the virtues of excellence and discipline in its mission to produce security professionals who are holistically equipped to contribute towards national and regional strategic security needs.

Integrity – NDU endeavors to do what is right, legally and morally, at all times, and adhering to moral and societal principles in executing its mandate.

Responsibility – NDU shall remain committed and accountable in fulfilling its mandate and vision of being a centre of excellence in training, education and research in national security and strategy.