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The Chancellor

The award of a Charter to the National Defence University-Kenya (NDU-K) is a historic occurrence in the transformation of professional training and education of our defence forces. I thank all the key players and stakeholders whose hard work, commitment and expertise brought NDU-K into existence. Defence and security are complex and sensitive matters that lie at the very heart of a nation. The NDU-K, therefore, being one of its kind, will expand the scholarly, military and civil diplomacy proficiency of the Kenya Defence Forces. The University will also help in formulating defence policy for our country through research on management of national defence and security, including regional and international civil and military affairs. In so doing, this institution will provide Kenya with the cutting-edge and innovative leadership required to manage traditional and emerging security challenges of symmetrical and asymmetrical nature. In addition, it will entrench the foundational capacity of our defence forces to directly and meaningfully respond and contribute to situations that call for synergy within a multi-agency framework.

The National Defence University-Kenya will offer strategic training to equip actors in the security sector with professional and academic skills to address potential geopolitical challenges and threats to our sovereignty.

Council Chairperson

The vision, mission and philosophy upon which the National Defence University-Kenya (NDU-K) is anchored heralds a new dawn in higher education in Kenya and the larger Eastern Africa sub-region. Upon attainment of full operational capability, the University will facilitate the development of a regional Centre of Excellence for academic, policy and strategic studies that will contribute towards the realisation of a secure, stable, peaceful and prosperous society. In light of this aspiration, NDU-K will endeavour to provide quality education and enable the conduct of research in the field of defence and security while deepening the capacity for strategy formulation amongst professionals in the security sector.

Further, NDU-K will create conditions for the training of professional leaders in the defence and security arena, able to operate in a dynamic strategic environment in order to mitigate the current and future security challenges. Therefore, NDU-K has a Strategic Plan that provides the strategic direction to enable the achievement of the university’s mandate. This aligns with Kenya’s desire to attain the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the African Union Agenda 2063 and Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic blueprint, all of which are crucial in ensuring Kenya’s place as a regional leader.

The Council and the entire management are committed to grow the institution into a responsive and relevant academic leader in its areas of specialisation and chart the path for the roll out of university programmes.


Being an institution of strategic national importance, NDU-K’s ambition is to become a valued partner in the search for solutions to security challenges through scholarly works and in strengthening multi-agency approach to crisis management. This will culminate in the development of a critical mass of security and public officials who are well-aligned to safeguard national interests at the strategic and operational levels. In addition, concerted efforts will be made to build the appropriate infrastructure as an enabler to mission accomplishment.

The NDU-K community shall uphold the values underlying the university’s philosophy which are centred on academic freedom, honesty, diversity, discipline, integrity and responsibility. This will be strengthened through a culture of performance, discipline and loyalty to the country and the institution. Commitment to these values will make NDU-K an agent of change in the 21st Century.

Deputy Vice-Chancellors

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Innovation & Security Studies
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Finance & Administration