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The NDU-K Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) Academic & Student Affairs, Professor Anne Muigai recently delivered a lecture of opportunity based on the theme ‘Forensics and National Security’ at the National Defence College (NDC), a College National Defence University-Kenya located in Karen.

In her lecture ", Professor Muigai stated that any science applied to solving crimes or evaluating any civil harm can be considered to be forensic science. She emphasized that away from the use of human biological samples for solving crimes, the environment and scene of crime presented numerous opportunities for collecting other non-human biological or non-biological samples to aid in solving the crime.

Prof Muigai stressed the importance of establishing National Forensic Laboratories noting that they would be an important national asset providing scientifically backed evidence crucial for an effective criminal justice system.

Noting that the infrastructure required would be heavy on one institution, she recommended the use of a multi-agency approach for its establishment and to further ensure that the laboratory's operations remain sustainable and abreast with emerging technologies in the field.

The lecture incorporated question and answer sessions which enabled participants to engaged the Professor and to also share their experiences and proffer suggestions.

The current Course 26-2023/24, has participants drawn from 15 countries in Africa and the rest of the world, attending the one year course which prepares senior officers and equivalent public servants for higher responsibilities in strategic direction of security and related areas of public service. They will later this year graduate with a Master of Arts or Postgraduate Diploma in National Security and Strategy of NDU-K.